Jedi of the Purge

The Anaxian Farce
The plan

Hungry for adventure

  • Our heroes are on The silver Lining and find themselves low on essential supplies and food with no credits for more.
  • Only having one real option to turn to for credits they contact Prall to see if he can offer them a job.
  • He needs them to go to Anaxes where a new technology has been researched that can make calculating hyperspace jumps much faster.
  • The party agrees and Prall gives them some supplies up front so they can accomplish their mission.

Getting into the University

  • The tech is at the Imperial officer academy on Anaxes so the group seperated at a cantina where cadets often came and used coersion to each get in by posing as students, high ranking officers and a seductive female.
  • Once inside Datalis and Syphon found the tech is under pretty decent security and is in fact a type of astromech droid.
  • The party came up with a plan and successfully stole a access card from a researcher in the library, they plan to sneak the droid on to one of the test fighters at the research center.
Red Rage
Episode I

Black Sun Syndicate

  • Two Jedi, Shona and her padawan Be-Shet are undercover trying to determine the production of a mysterious new spice that has the alleged ability to give people amazing abilities and strength.
  • They meet with a member of the Criminal organization The Black Sun Syndicate as perspective buyers to try to discover where the manufacturing of the spice is happening and if the rumors about it are true.
  • In the meeting the dealer Kam Freetar decides to show them the abilities of Red Rage and takes the to a turbolift that deposits them into an arena and he then doses Be-shet and puts him into the ring.
  • He explains if her body guard is any good he should be fine, and then announces to the arena there will be a fight using Red rage and released from the other side of the arena a Rancor.
  • Be-shet feels power surging through him and can tell the the dark side of the force is at work inside him and in the subsequent battle he takes down the rancor with only a vibroblade and the use of his Force-lightning.
  • The cost that he gives the jedi for the 40 kilos of spice is 8 million credits. Continuing as perspective buyers they offer to get back to Kam if they accept the offer or not or want to haggle.

HoloNet announcement

  • The Jedi needing to get more information that they could not get from Kam, decided to contact a good friend and informant Hadar Zelich AKA “Syphon”. They figured he could get them more information on the origin of this spice and who is funding the creation of it.
  • In his research he discovers that the spice was manufactured specifically for a certain party but because of the results the spice has that they decided to make a some extra to sell on the side. It was funded by a man named Tyranus who had lost contact and future funded by a Sidious.
  • On the HoloNet screen a urgent alert went out saying that the Jedi tried to overthrow the Senate and murder the Chancellor to stage a political coup. All Jedi are to be considered dangerous and to alert the authorities if any are seen.
  • Syphon knows that they wouldn’t be involved in what’s going on and that he will help them with getting off planet but they are going to need funding to get off planet. Syphon has a lead on a buyer for the Red Rage if they can get it off world.
  • They are later manage to buy a ship and get off planet with Red Rage having struck a deal to buy the Red rage for 4 million. Shona managed to give Syphon enough access to the Jedi funding system for him to move around 1 million credits through several accounts and deposited to the Falleen’s account, He expects the remaining 3 million in around 1 month.
  • The party leaves Nubia in their new ship with a shipment to PharmCorp of medical supplies to use as a cover to get off-world and to Nubia where their buyer is, when leaving the planet the authorities were alerted to the possibility of a stolen ship but Syphon manages to talk his way out of it.

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