Jen'ari Osh-Kii

Ancient Sith Lord from the time of the Great hyperspace war


Jen’ari Osh-kii is an ancient lord of the Sith people from before the great hyperspace war. In his time he became tired of the Sith people serving the dark Jedi of his time. In creating his own Amazing military stronghold and claiming the title Jen’ari, meaning dark lord, he challenged the dark Jedi of their power claiming that Sith alchemy has surpassed their power of the force. In the resulting battle Osh’kii eventually realized he would not be able to keep up the battle he froze all those “including himself” in crystal to await a time an heir worthy to him can claim his power and bring rule under him. In the process the ice planet heated up from the dark side energies expended and the world flooded. Later he was released from his slumber and now travels with the party claiming to be the true teacher meant for Be-shet.


Jen'ari Osh-Kii

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