Sprint-Class Rescue ship

Sorosuub Sprint-Class Rescue Ship



Class: Medical – freighter
Size: Small
Cargo: 140 tons
Consumables: 1 month’s worth
Required crew: 2 (skeleton – 1)
Passengers: 20 comfortably (plus 10 in sick bay)
Speed: 1,200 KmpH
Hyperdrive: x1 standard, x12 backup
Value: 35,000 with equipment, droids, and speeder


Sorosuub V-35 courier – Speeder
TaggeCo Air-2 swoop – Speederbike

Battle Stats

Defense: +20
Shield points: 300
Hull points: 150
Weapons: Twin lasers X2, +1 2d10x2


The Party got this Ship for a great deal through a Pazaak Game from a man who had used it for is courrier operation. Having found a comfortable life on Coruscant he wanted to sell it. The crew upon examination can see the Ship has been heavily modified to hold less passengers and more cargo, including having a large lift built into the cargo bay for large items. The ship also holds a top of the line medical center for a ship its size including a set of MD droids that basically looks to belong to someone paranoid for their life or who ends up in a lot of scraps in their “courier” service.

Sprint-Class Rescue ship

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