The Silver Lining

Ancient Old republic Correllian colonizer ship



Class: Diplomatic colony-ship
Size: Large 225
Cargo: 400 Tons
Consumables: 12 months
Required crew: 15 crew, 6 gunners
Passengers: 550
Speed: 950 Kmph
Hyperdrive: Class 2, Class 10 backup
Value: Unknown, Ship is one of a kind as only 3 currently are know to still exist other than it estimate at least around 8 million.


Sprint-Class Rescue ship docked to Medical wing
26 Droid Tri-Fighters

Battle Stats

Shield points:
Hull points:
Weapons: 6 Turbolaser batteries


The Silver Lining was found in the temple of Jen’ari Osh-Kii in the enormous hangers within his temples it is one of several capital ships that had been there. The party took it when they left Jen’ari’s temple and brought it very slowly to correllia to be upgraded by Prall, who gladly did so to have his team access to a strong capital ship they can use on their missions. He agreed since the cost was much less than buying a new ship and the rarity of the ship lends itself to diplomatic pull on missions for PharmCorp.

The Silver Lining

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