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  • Droid tri-fighter

    These Droids were installed into the hangers on The Silver Lining in order to give fighter protection for the very minimal crew Prall knew would be operating.

  • DA-T1-GE3 "Datalis"

    Datalis is a very old droid thats changed hands for several hundred years, his memory has been wiped many times in the past but it has been so long since a complete memory wipe has been done even he is unaware when it was last preformed. Since Datalis has …

  • R3-M4

    R3-M4 was assigned to Shona and Be-Shet by the Jedi council for use as they needed on their mission. He is reliable to always follow orders and do his best to help out wherever he can. He is very skilled at repairing and skilled at computer usage using …