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  • Sprint-Class Rescue ship

    The Party got this Ship for a great deal through a Pazaak Game from a man who had used it for is courrier operation. Having found a comfortable life on Coruscant he wanted to sell it. The crew upon examination can see the Ship has been heavily modified to …

  • The Silver Lining

    _The Silver Lining_ was found in the temple of [[:jen-ari-osh-kii | Jen'ari Osh-Kii]] in the enormous hangers within his temples it is one of several capital ships that had been there. The party took it when they left Jen'ari's temple and brought it very …

  • Droid tri-fighter

    These Droids were installed into the hangers on The Silver Lining in order to give fighter protection for the very minimal crew Prall knew would be operating.

  • Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter

    One of the newer fighters used by the Republic (and then the Empire), these craft are almost as fast and agile as the Eta-2 interceptor, and they feature similar deployable radiator panels to prevent overheating during combat. Unlike the Eta-2, the V-wing …