Jedi of the Purge

The Anaxian Farce

The plan

Hungry for adventure

  • Our heroes are on The silver Lining and find themselves low on essential supplies and food with no credits for more.
  • Only having one real option to turn to for credits they contact Prall to see if he can offer them a job.
  • He needs them to go to Anaxes where a new technology has been researched that can make calculating hyperspace jumps much faster.
  • The party agrees and Prall gives them some supplies up front so they can accomplish their mission.

Getting into the University

  • The tech is at the Imperial officer academy on Anaxes so the group seperated at a cantina where cadets often came and used coersion to each get in by posing as students, high ranking officers and a seductive female.
  • Once inside Datalis and Syphon found the tech is under pretty decent security and is in fact a type of astromech droid.
  • The party came up with a plan and successfully stole a access card from a researcher in the library, they plan to sneak the droid on to one of the test fighters at the research center.


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